Why Are You So Expensive?

I get asked so many times why are you so expensive? I personally thought my prices were fair and actually on the cheap side. But still I get asked the question, therefore, I feel like I need to explain to my previous, present and future customers why I charge what I do.


I bet you thought I was going to lead with “well my camera gear cost a lot”. But no, insurance is one of the main reasons why I cost so much. As a professional photographer or any creative that works with the public, insurance is a must and it does not come cheap at all. You maybe thinking “the insurance is just for your camera gear..why else would you need it”. Well let me tell you why person in my head. Most professional photographers have public liability insurance, so if you or a family member injury themselves during a shoot, we are covered. Also if you damage your property due to me saying “hey gary, its a good idea to throw your expensive Iphone in the air and try catch it”. I would not do that, but that is a just an example.

Furthermore, I also have insurance called professional indemnity insurance. This covers me if you are unhappy with the service I provided and you have lost money because of it. This is mainly for my commercial clients as a failure on my part could cost them money. ANYWAY…moving on.


Here it is! my camera gear. Yes you guessed it, my camera gear is expensive. HOWEVER, it is not the reason I take good photos. I can not tell you how many times I have heard people say “expensive camera huh, explains why your photos are so good”. If you want to wind up a photographer say that line to them(disclaimer, I am not liable for what may happen). The reason it annoys photographers so much is because the camera is our tool just like a builder, carpenter, plumber, pornst…you get my point haha. Its something we use to get the job done just like a pornsta…So for you to say its the sole reason why we take good photos is not going to go down well.


I have put this one at the bottom because people(including myself) do not value it. I was guilty of looking at another creatives prices and thinking “wow why are you so expensive?”. But when I became a photographer it hit me. TIME. I know you will be thinking “you turn up with your expensive camera, snap a few photos and go home, I wish I could do that”. Ok person in my head, you are so wrong. It may appear we just turn up and take photos. But before the event we had visited it twice, maybe more, trying to find the best light, talking to the event planner, looking for locations around the event, charging batteries, clearing memory cards, chasing invoices, signing contracts. Then we get to the event and finally get to take photos for maybe a few hours. But it does not end there for us. When we arrive home, unloading equipment, loading memory cards on the computer, batteries back on charge, editing, more editing, editing the editing of the editing. Then we get to send the pictures for you to view. All this takes time. I am sure you would not go to work for 8-12 hours, come home then continue working for free?

I hope this has provided you with a little insight into why photographers and other creatives charge what we do.

DISCLAIMER - Your experience as a creative may vary to mine.