What Not To Do In Photography

Disclaimer: Please try not to be offended, I am just having a bit of fun.

Compare Yourself To Others

This one should seem so obvious, but even I find myself doing it. Do you know what I mean? You get onto Instagram, click the explore page and instantly question your reason for picking up a camera. Have you seen some of the images on there? Absolutely stunning shots. But it is very important that you do not compare yourself to them. They are all at different points in their photography journey, just like you are. Stay focused.

Chasing Gear

I was guilty of this one. I used to think that I needed the best gear to take great photos. Which meant I had to purchase the newest camera out and wow that was an expensive mistake. I can confirm you do not need the newest camera to take great photos. I know this maybe a shock to some people who are suffering from G.A.S(gear acquisition syndrome). But you can really take great photos with just your Iphone or mobile phone.

Stop Evolving

it is so easy to stop pushing, stop moving forward when things start to get comfortable and once again I am guilty of doing this. I started to taste success and I let the ball go and stopped trying to evolve. Please do not let it happen to you. If you start to taste success, keep pushing like you never tasted it.

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