3 Layers Of Sugarwell Hill Park

If you are from Leeds, I am sure you have heard of Roundhay Park, Meanwood Park, Golden Acre Park, Middleton Park.. But did you know about Sugarwell Hill Park? Well if you haven’t do not worry and read on.

Top of Sugarwell Hill Park

Sugarwell Hill Park is located on the outskirts of the city near Meanwood Valley Urban farm and runs from Sugarwell Mount right through to Buslingthrope Road. It does not have a play area for the little ones, so best not to bring them. Its more suited for people that love to walk and explore.

At the top of Sugarwell Hill Park you will be greeted with an amazing view of the ever growing Leeds city centre. You will be able to see the top of Bridgewater Place, First Direct Arena, Opel one, Broadcasting building, Little London and many more. I would recommend getting there just before sunrise or sunset.

A view of Leeds City Centre from Sugarwell Hill Park

A view of Leeds City Centre from Sugarwell Hill Park

Bottom Of Sugarwell Hill Park

At the bottom of Sugarwell Hill, its like an enchanted forest which goes from Sugarwell Mount right through to Buslingthrope Lane. When at the bottom of the hill you may catch a glimpse of deers running through the hills, but I can almost guarantee you will see cows and sheep as Meanwood Urban Farm is right next to Sugarwell Hill Park.

leeds photographer130419 (2 of 3)_ah.jpg

A little deeper into the woods at Sugarwell Hill Park and you will come across an abandoned building, not sure what it was before. But it looks like it caught fire at some point and has not been used since. I am sure there is so much more to explore in the bottom part of Sugarwell Hill Park, but my 6 month puppy does not want to walk it all just yet.

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Middle Of Sugarwell Hill Park

On a scale of 1 to I want to hurt you, where are you right now? I know I should have structured the blog top, middle, bottom. But I have done it top, bottom, middle, are you mad? I hope so haha.

The middle part of Sugarwell Hill Park is a steady incline from Sugarwell Court to Scott Hall Field. At the top you can go left to be greeted by the view I posted earlier or right to go back into the woods. When you are walking up the incline you may encounter the Sugarwell Hill Park resident horse. It wanders around the middle part of Sugarwell Hill Park keeping the grass short and fertilised.

leeds photographer1802 (1 of 1)-2.jpg

If you are looking for a new place to explore, I would highly recommend checking out Sugarwell Hill Park.