Still Learning...

I was looking back through my old photos from when I first picked up the camera and wow they are not very good. I think they are somewhere between grandad with an Ipad and awful, but I will let you be the judge of that.

This is my boy when he was about 2-3 years olds. I think it is a terrible photo because I have literally just fired the flash in his face which makes it look very flat and dull. If I could go back to take this again, I would aim the flash up in the air and maybe use a diffuser to soften the light.


present day

Fast forward a few years and the below image is the type of stuff I am producing now. This photo was taken in my living room using the natural light coming through the window. I think my understanding of the lighting is what sets my images apart from when I first started out. I am more aware of the light around me and how I can use it to make an image 100% times better.

little boy in black and white


I am excited to see what type of images I will be producing in a few years time and I hope you will be there to share the journey. If you have the time, it would mean a lot if you could drop a comment below or share this post with your friends.