My Top 4 Locations in Leeds for Photography

Disclaimer - All places are within LS postcode

Roundhay Park

This will come as no surprise for anyone who has followed my photography over the past 2-3 years. But Roundhay Park is making the list. I have spent many hours in the park and I can confirm it has some amazing spots for photographers. You can get a beautiful shot at the mansion, upper lake, barrons fountain, Waterloo lake, the lakeside cafe and less explored location of the abandoned bandstand in the woods near Waterloo Lake.

leeds photographer1909 (1 of 1)-3.jpg

Sugarwell Hill Park

I have never thought of this place as a park, but according to Google maps it it must be true. But this is one of my favourite locations for photography because of the amazing views of Leeds city centre and of Meanwood Park. Also at the bottom of the hill, it has a long path with trees that hang over creating a tree tunnel. It looks super cool in the summer and creepy in the winter.

leedsphotographer_august (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Meanwood Park

My next choice is Meanwood Park. It has beautiful woods with an amazing trail that goes right from the park through to Adel Woods. On the trail you will pass over a waterfall, walk near The Hollies which needs it own post. If you are lucky you will see a Kingfisher trying to catch its food. Also lets not forget the ducks that occupy the beck. So when the weather picks up, get down to Meanwood Park for your photography needs.


Harewood House

This one does require you to pay entry, but the gardens, the open fields, the lake, the views, the boat ride make it all worth it.

Harewood House (2 of 6)-3.jpg

Do you have your own favourite locations for shooting photos? Let me know in the comments below.