Instagramers Leeds - InstaMeet at Leeds Uni

On July 27th, Instagramers Leeds arranged their 4th InstaMeet. The previous 3 meetings have been a tour of Leeds city centre, Temple Newsam and Harewood House. This time it was at University Of Leeds with Leeds University Library Galleries and would be about the public art around the campus.

Meeting Point - Sign For Art by Keith Wilson

We all gathered at the bacon strips in the middle of the campus. Some of us had ignored the weather warning of rain and came in shorts and t-shirt(me included). Others were smart and had got a jacket/coat and or hoodie. All of us in shorts and t-shirts will soon wish we had been smarter, but for now, we are feeling pretty smug about ourselves.

Keith Wilson was born in Birmingham, he studied at Ruskin School Of Art and took his MA at Slade. He started teaching at the Royal College of Art where he was an art instructor for deaf-blind adults. Drawing two spaced fingertips across a students forehead announced the arrival of the artist and this is how the sculpture was born. Absolutely amazing.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Next Stop - Man-made Fibres by Mitiz Cuncliffe

Mitiz Cuncliffe was born in New York, USA. You may have seen her work before in the hands of your favourite star. Yep, she designed the theatrical mask award for the BAFTA’s. Mitiz really wanted her sculptures to be interacted with. However University of Leeds did not get that memo and located the sculpture on top of the clothworkers building which means you have probably walked right past it…I know I have.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-3.jpg

Next Stop - Quentin Bell - The Dreamer aka Levitating Figure

Quentin Bell is the son of Clive and Vanessa Bell and nephew of Virginia Wolf. He was appointed Head of Fine Art at the University of Leeds in 1959 and later as a Professor of Fine Art until 1967.

Quentin was inspired to make The Dreamer sculpture after witnessing a magician perform the levitating trick when he was a child. He partnered with Dr Gurdev Singh in the department of civil engineering who help design and construct The Dreamer.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-4.jpg

Next Stop - Untitled Bas-Relief by Hubert Dalwood

Hubert Dalwood was born June 1924 in Bristol. He was apprenticed to the Bristol Aeroplane Company and attended Bristol School of Art part time. After completing National Service with the Royal Navy he studied at Bath Academy of Art.

Untitled Bas-Relief is a 6.4m x 6m sculpture in aluminium which used to be situated at the Bodington Hall of residence. However when Bodington Hall was demolished in 2013 the sculpture was carefully taken down and stored until 2016. In 2016 it found its forever home at the stage@leeds building, the universities contemporary performance space.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-5.jpg

Next Stop - Barbara Hepworth - Dual Form

Barbara was born 1903 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. She enjoyed a lengthy career, over 50 years, until her demise in 1976. Barbara produced Dual Form in 1965, which was the same year she was made Dame Commander of the British Empire. Also in the same year, she was invited to be the first female trustee of the Tate Gallery. A position she would hold until 1972.

Dual Form founds it home near the Untitled Bas Relief sculpture in 2016 and will remain there until 2021.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-6.jpg

Next Stop - Lorna Green Meet, Sit, Talk and Conversation

During the walk to this sculpture the short and t-shirt people started to regret their decision as the heavens opened up. I quickly ran under a tree and snapped the photo you can see below.

Lorna Green is a sculptor and environmental artist based in Cheshire. Lorna wants her art to be interacted with, hence the reason she created Meet. Sit, Talk and Conversation. In the University grounds its a place where students meet and talk during the warmer more drier days.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-7.jpg

Next Stop - William Chattaway - Hermes aka The Spirit Of Enterprise

The flying bronze figure, which is currently attached to the Roger Stevens building was originally commissioned by Midlands Bank(HSBC) for their London office. But in 1983 it was shipped to Leeds after the Midlands head office was sold off to developers for £30m and they were going to scrap the sculpture.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-8.jpg

Next Stop - Converse Column by Liliane Lijn.

When we reached Lijn’s Converse Column the rain had seen off a few of us who had taken shelter under the Nexus building.

The Converse Column is 9 meters(despite how it may seem in the below photo) revolving column of transforming words, which is sited right next to the Nexus building. The inner column also lights up at night time. The words used are ones chosen by the students of the University.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-9.jpg

Final Stop - Simon Fujiwara - A Spire

Simon Fujiwara is a British/Japanese artist. He was born in London, but raised in Cornwall. He studied Architecture at the University of Cambridge from 2002-05 and Fine Art at the Stadelschule Hochschule fur Bilderde Kunst in Frankfurt am Main from 2006-8. He is now based in Berlin.

A Spire, is a beacon and totem that evokes the industries on which the University, and indeed, the city, are largely built. A Spire is conceived as a soaring visual timeline - a skyward archaeology that connects the past and the present.

leedsphotographer_july (1 of 1)-10.jpg

Thank you to Instagramers Leeds, University Of Leeds and Leeds University Library Galleries for such an awesome few hours. If you would like to follow them on Instagram I have included their names below.