Leeds Pride 2019

Its my 3rd time attending the Leeds Pride event and it was amazing to see how much it has grown. To me it seemed like the parade was longer, the crowds were certainly bigger and the colour was amazing. I am a massive fan of colour so the Pride parade is perfect for me, its so bright and with the dull skies it made the colours pop even more.

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When you go to Pride do not expect a peaceful time. It is non stop fun from the moment you arrive. It is a party atmosphere from start to finish and sometimes even after it finishes.

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The parade was great as always plus to me it was extra colourful. It was also amazing to see how many people lined the streets, some on shoulders, others up on traffic bollards, children, adults, young, old. It just shows we are taking steps in the right direction. Also speaking of steps in the right direction, I noticed that the parade went past the Leeds Minister, which only a few years ago would have not recognise the love of a man/man or woman/woman. But today, a bunch of people were waving and cheering from the church steps as the parade went by. It was great to see and an image I was glad I could capture.

It was also great to see so many big companies involved in the parade. I understand that a small reason they are part of the parade is for marketing. But I’d like to think the main reason for been part of the parade is for them to show how inclusive they are.

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Leeds Pride 2020

I am excited to see how much progressive will have been made this time next year. I am also excited to see how bigger the parade will get. Who knows, maybe, it will takeover the whole city.