Premier Rap Battles at Temple Of Boom

I was browsing on Facebook when I saw Premier Rap Battles were doing a FREE event in Leeds. Premier Rap Battles are a rap battle league owned by Shotty Horrah and Bison Biggz. If you have ever listened to UK battle rap you will have heard of them two and if you haven’t..COME ON STOP LYING.

Temple Of Boom

I have never been to this venue before and up until the event did not know it even existed. But when I arrived at Temple of Boom, I was ashamed that I did not know about it before. It was perfect for a rap battle event or just about any metal/rock night. In the main spot where all the battles took place, it had an 8 Mile feel to it. I was half expecting the crowd to start chanting “Fuck freeworld, 313” at the end of every battle. The staff were super chilled at the event and the beer was cheap as well(£2.50 a can). Also the food was so good! It is vegan, but that does not change the taste. It was so good.

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Now I am not going to pretend I am a battler rap connoisseur, I have not been to a battle rap event since Don’t Flop came to Warehouse in Leeds. But I do enjoy watching the rap battles on Youtube and passing judgement like a pro.

The battles at this event were amazing. I think what made it extra good was been up close and personal. At some points you would think the battler was speaking about you. Now I am all for getting up in the face of another rap battler. But it stops been fun when you try to get physical because you can’t control your emotions. Regrettably that is what happened at this event. But it did not spoil the good vibe. Overall the battles were really good.  I can not wait for the next event. 

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