Deep Vibe Clothing Photoshoot

Good evening everyone, how are you all? I hope you are well. If you need a photographer for your next event, please get in contact with me. I am sure I can work out a price to suit your budget.

Deep Vibe Clothing

I was contacted on 12th Feb via Instagram DM asking if I would like to help out on a photoshoot. I instantly jumped at the chance to help out a Leeds based brand…(pssst! This is my weakness, if you need a photographer and you are a Leeds based company, there is a good chance I will work for free.) The shoot was taking place in 2 weeks time. I instantly jumped into planning mode and started to do research on locations, photo ideas and a number of other things…fast forward 2 weeks.

Photoshoot time

I arrive just before 10am at The Broadcasting Tower in Headingley, Leeds. The day previously I had already scoped out some locations to shoot with the models. I find its always best to over prepare rather than under. But I did not need to prepare at all. Deep Vibe had it covered already, they knew exactly what they wanted and how to get it. 6 hours breezed by and then the editing began…

Culling and Editing

I got home, loaded the memory card into the reader…540 images to transfer. Fast forward a few hours .. Its now time to go through and cull some images. This is the hard part for me, I think about what the brief was from the client then I try to satsify my OCD. I am so picky when it comes to my photography. If its not going to look good on a billboard, its getting cut. I managed to get the total down to around 200 images, which will take me a few days to edit.

Once the edit is completed, I then go back through the cut images to ensure I have not missed any. I know this may seem odd, but I can not tell you how a few days can change my mind about an image. One day its cut, the next its billboard material. Once this has been done, I back up all the images again onto two external hard drives. Its only at this point I clear the memory cards from the shoot. Its better to be safe than sorry. I then upload the edited images to a password protected site and await feedback


At this point the client will come back and let you know if they need anything changing. But Deep Vibe Clothing loved them. I was over the moon with the feedback, it really makes it all worth it.

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