The Creative Burnout Is Real

If you are a creative person, I am sure you will have heard about burnout. If not, you are very lucky and should definitely read on…

The Creative Burnout Is Real

I bet you are thinking hurry up and tell me what the creative burnout is! Ok let me try explain what it is. The creative burnout is when you are trying to creative something and it just will not happen. Do you remember staring at a blank page and thinking “WRITE, OK LETS DO THIS..WRITE” and 3 hours later all you have done is write your name and underline it? Well that is creative burnout. It can of course present itself in different ways.

Oh no, Tell Me How To Prevent It

Sure, I can let you know some tips on how to prevent it, but only you can do them. So if you do not believe what I am about to tell you will work, then it won’t work. But if you believe it will then it will.


I do not mean like a prison break type of escape. I mean like a break away from your work. It does not have to be for a long time, but a even a few hours can prevent you from experiencing the creative burnout.


Yes, the old sleep and exercise thing again. But it is so true. If you do not get enough sleep you will find the creative burnout hits you hard. Skipping a few days at the gym won’t affect your creative well as much as no sleep. However, if you can hit the gym for an hour or so every other day. I guarantee one you will feel better and two it will help with the creative process.


Do you remember when you was revising for something and you would break it down into smaller chunks? Well this is a good thing to do when you are creating. If you are writing a blog, start with one paragraph then take a walk or call a friend. Do not try to over do things. You do not need to complete it all right now, it can wait a few hours where you will be more alert. Do not be afraid to walk away.

This is in no way a full proof method to prevent creative burnout, but it will help. So remember do not let that creative well dry up, keep it replenished by following them tips above. If you have any other useful tips, please leave them in the comment section below.