Today is the day

Well I made my way back to West Yorkshire Camera Shop to collect my developed film and prints...or so I thought.

I arrived at the shop at 12:30 after demolishing a Primo hotdog(highly recommend them). I ask the lady behind the counter if the prints have arrived. She nods. Asks me my name. Flicks through the mass of envelopes..”Anthony, Anthony..found them”. I hold my breath. “Blank film” she says. BLANK FILM! I have no idea what has happened! No photos have been recorded on the film. Non! Not even an over exposed one. 


I am devastated. I can’t believe it. I think I will be putting the camera up for sale. 

I remember one photo that I took of a window cleaner and thought I can not wait to see this image. It is going to look amazing, now I won't get to see that because it is gone. I also remember taking a few other images that I am devastated that I will never see. 

I am 100% glad that I live in a digital world because if this had happened to me on a paid photoshoot I would be visiting a high building to jump off. 

My film journey is at an end right now. I think I will pick up another film camera, I just do not think it will be anytime soon.