DSLR Vs Mirrorless

I know you maybe thinking "not this again". Well I am afraid to say, yes, I am going to talk about the old DSLR vs Mirrorless debate. I understand its boring like the PS4 Vs Xbox because we all know the PS4 is soooo much better...(please do not lynch me in the comments...or do).

DSLR Is Not For Me...Or Is it?

I am going to keep this really short. Do you want a wide range of lens, but do not mind carrying a heavy-ish product? then DSLR is for you. It really is that simple. It is possible to over complicate things. But I am not going to get into that.

Mirrorless does that mean less camera?

No silly! Well, wait, it kind of does mean that. But not in the sense of less quality. A mirrorless camera does not have the mirror mechanism that a DSLR has. In theory, this should mean less noisey images and it will be 100% quieter than a DSLR. So if you need to take photos in almost complete silence, well, mirrorless camera is for you.



I am a DSLR kind of person, so I am always going to say DSLR. I would recommend going to your local camera shop and test the camera out. Its ok to read blogs like this and watch YouTube video's. Buuut nothing beats getting some hands on experience. 

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