Why you should print your work!

Hello everyone! how are you all?

I know you maybe thinking "why should I print my photos, we live in a digital world" and that is reason number one. We do live in a digital world! everything is online. You don't really need money because you can use Apple Pay. You don't need to send birthday cards cause that can be done online..I know, two odd examples, but hopefully you get my point.

Technology Can Fail

Yes! I know it maybe a shock to some people. But it does not matter if you have the latest and greatest SD card, it could fail on you. Even if you back your photos up to the cloud, that could fail as well! SCARY thought?! Well that is why it is a good reason to print your work. 


Nothing Beats The Feeling

If you have never ever printed anything out, you won't know what I am talking about. But for the people who have, HOW good does it feel holding something you have created?! It feels amazing. 

See The Detail

I don't care if you have a 50 inch screen. When you print our your work onto high quality paper, you are going to see details you just can not see on a screen. 


Anthony, Its EXPENSIVE to print

Not at all! you can get 6 x 4 prints for as little as 19p a print! Yes thats right 19p!! you can't buy much for that price anymore. I don't think you can even buy penny sweets anymore! 

I use a company based in Scotland called Loxley Colour for my prints. They are absolutely amazing with fast delivery. They also offer free colour correction for your images as well. So now you have no excuses not to print. Do it!