Photography Show, Birmingham.

Hi everyone, how are you all? I hope you are all well, I really do. 

So I was lucky enough to get a free ticket for the Photography Show in Birmingham. It opened its doors to the public on Saturday 17th March and will be open until Tuesday 20th March(so still time for you to get down). 

My Journey

I set off from my house at 7:15am to catch a 8:11 train from Leeds train station. It was bloody freezing!! I had my "big coat" on so you know it was cold! When I arrived at the train station I checked the departure board to see where my train was, platform 9b, great! I headed to the platform. This is no joke, by the time I had walked to the platform the train had been delayed by 10 minutes. They must have seen me coming. When the train arrived, I couldn't find my reserved seat. I just had a bunch of first world problems. 

The NEC, Birmingham.

This was my first time at the NEC and wow, I didn't realise how big it is. It is that big, 3-4 events were happening at the same time! I think comic con, big bang, photography show and one other thing was happening all at the same-ish time. 

When I arrived at the entrance to the Photography Show everyone had already gone in as I arrived a little late. Buut when I walked in through the photography entrance I was greeted by every photographers version of heaven. Wall to wall full of photography related goodness. I spotted the Canon stand in the distance and instantly thought "home". But I had to somehow dodge the Nikon(puke) and Sony(vomit) stands haha. It was not easy, but I made it. 

 Look at this! Heaven on earth. 

Look at this! Heaven on earth. 

Canon had all the goodies out on show for me to touch and drool all over. I really felt like I was in camera heaven. But I had to cut my excitement short as I wanted to watch Thomas Heaton's talk on "The Great Outdoors" stage. 

The Great Outdoors stage

I arrived at the stage to find half of Thomas Heaton's subscriber base was already there. I squeezed my way through the crowd to get a good view of the stage. I suppose I should explain why I seem to excited to watch him speak. Well, I will tell you the short version, I was suppose to go to one of his talks in Elland, West Yorkshire, but I got sick and missed it. Sad times. Anyway, I was adamant I was going to see this talk. 

 Thomas Heaton on the Great Outdoors Stage

Thomas Heaton on the Great Outdoors Stage

And you will be pleased to know I did see it(see above photo for proof lol). After the talk had finished I went on a little wander around the hall. Well, not a little as the hall is massive. I ended up clocking about 4 to 5000 steps, maybe more throughout the day! 

The photography show really did have a wide range of stands. It had from your big brands right down to prop companies. It was amazing to see. 


After doing a few laps of the hall and drooling over all the equipment I couldnt afford. I decided it was time for lunch..well an expensive lunch. £12 for a Subway and two bottles of water!! but I needed it. 

Talks, Talks and more Talks

After my expensive lunch I was ready to learn. My whole reason for going to the show was to learn. But, its not the only thing going on, if you wanted to do something different, you can. 

I headed back to my safe place(yes the Canon stand) and saw that a gentleman called Lorenzo Agius was about to start a talk. I am ashamed to say, I had never heard of him. So I thought this would be a great chance to learn some more and I am glad I did. He did a excellent talk about the process he goes through when taking a portrait. But he does not do the normal run of the mill portraits. He photographs A list stars! from Will Smith to Jack Nicholson. He even gets A list stars requesting that he photographs them! crazy stuff.

I caught Thomas Heaton last talk on the Mobile and Social stage and then I headed out to start to the journey back to Leeds. What a day! I can not wait for next year.