Meanwood Valley Trail

Hello everyone. We are getting into January, so naturally, people will start to think about getting in shape. Don't worry, I am not trying to sell you some magic supplement or bs exercise program. But if you are anything like me and you love to walk, carry on reading.

One of my favourite walks is the Meanwood Valley Trail. It is such a peaceful, easy accessible and fun walk.

Start here

 The official start of the Meanwood Valley Trail Walk is the H.R Marsden statue close to the junction of Woodhouse Lane and Rampart Road. But I never start my walk from there as it does not make sense to me. Then you walk down Rampart Road to the end, take a right onto Woodhouse Street, crossing over Delph Lane and following it to the end where it meets Woodhouse Ridge.

Woodhouse Ridge

This is where I usually start my journey on the Meanwood Valley Trail(picture below)

 Woodhouse Ridge, December 2017

Woodhouse Ridge, December 2017

When you get to Woodhouse Ridge make sure you keep the stone walk on your left until you get to the metal gate and boulders. They were installed to stop people riding motorbikes across the ridge. As you may notice, it didn't stop anything. When you get to the gate go down the far right path, that is where the above photo was taken. If you want to capture a photo like that, tough, you can't haha. No seriously, get to this point about 10:00am. 

Crossing Grove Lane

After a short walk you will come to Grove Lane, make sure you look left and right before crossing! When you get over the road(hopefully in one piece) this beautiful nature area will greet you.

 Grove Lane, Meanwood

Grove Lane, Meanwood

Wooden Bridge

After another short walk, you will come to this bridge. When I was there, it was very icey, so maybe be a little careful if you are planning on an early winters walk.

leeds photographer0812017 (1 of 1)-6.jpg

When this bridge is on your left, keep walking foward along the side of the building then take a left, when you get to the end of the road, go through the gate and into Meanwood Park through a break in the stone wall. Now enjoy the park! its amazing.

Meanwood Park

The Meanwood Valley Trail walk does not come to an end at Meanwood Park. It continues on to Golden Acre Park and then transforms into the Dale Way Link right into Ilkley and beyond. But when you get into Meanwood Park, you will probably not want to leave.

 Meanwood Beck, September 2017

Meanwood Beck, September 2017

Next Blog

In my next blog, I will continue the walk out of Meanwood Park right up to Adel Woods. In Adel woods you will find the underground bunker and Adel Crag!