My Film Photography Journey Part 2

Hi guys, I am just checking in to let you know how things are going. I have finished my 2nd roll of Ilford black and white film. I got it out of the camera with no issues! YES that is right, it did not rip! I am so excited!

Off teur t' film shop

So after I had completed my excitement dance it was time to find a place to have my film developed. I headed to my trusty friend Google for some advice. A mass of results instantly appeared on my page. I instantly become overwhelmed with all this information, I have no idea what to do!!! Therefore, I headed over to Leeds Photography Group on Facebook to seek advice from them as I know they are not robots like Google. BOOM! within the hour, I had a few recommendations and I am on my way out the door to West Yorkshire Camera Shop in the Corn Exchange. £15 for developing and prints..BARGAIN. I forgot to mention I had done a little bit of research and they were the cheapest. Jessops were the most expensive at £18.00. I know you maybe thinking its only £3.00, but £3.00 is alot when you are broke like me. Plus, I love supporting local businesses(take the hint people!)

To be continue 

Well I am now waiting for the prints to arrive at the shop. This should happen on Wednesday 6th Decemeber! I can not wait. If my pictures come back good I will post another update. If they come back rubbish, well, lets just say, best not to bookmark this page. As it will appear with a 404 error haha.