Do you accept Instagram likes?

Hello! I can not believe I am writing this. But after I read a post about a person wanting wedding photography in exchange for exposure, I felt it was something that needed to be said.

Exposure won't pay my bills

I know this may sound obvious, but exposure will not pay my bills. I can not be calling up British Gas, EE, Virgin Media etc asking if they will accept Instagram likes. I will have the baliffs at the door in no time. But still, in 2018, we have people asking photographers, videographers and other creative people if they will accept exposure as payment! No we do not. Exposure is not a payment method. 

Wrong Attitude

I have a feeling a few people will be thinking I have the wrong attitude and should be grateful. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you. But I do not think it is the wrong attitude. I am 100% sure you would kick up a fuss if your boss said "Right, this month, I am going to pay you with Facebook likes on all your posts and if you work extra hard, maybe I will throw in some retweets". I guarantee you would be out the door. 

Therefore why do some people STILL think its right?!

Charity Work and Working For Free

I do not want people to think that I am 100% against working for free. I have done my fair share of free work. It is a great way to learn without the pressure. But I am 100% against people assuming I will do it for free. If you message me asking for free work and I do not know you..then my answer is going to be no. I have a family and bills. If you want my precious time, pay me for it.


I apologise for the rant, but I feel like it needed to be said. I hope you all understand where I am coming from. Leave me a comment below. Maybe share the post?