My Film Photography Journey

Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope you are good, but if you are not. I hope you feel good really soon.

Today I want to talk about my journey into film photography..(its only just started, so its not going to be long). I purchased a Praktica BX20 from a charity shop for £10 and inside was a unused film!(BONUS). But I still went to a camera shop in Harrogate and purchased a Ilford black and white film for £7.00. The reason I decided on Ilford was because the guy behind the counter said they were good, I hope he is right. Please tell me he is right?!... ok moving on.

Battery??! Where can I get a 6 volt battery?!

So, I am very excited to start cranking off some frames with my new camera. But when I look into the viewfinder, no lights, nothing. At first I am thinking its broke, how stupid of me. Its at a charity shop. If it was working, the person would have put it onto Ebay. I am so deflated right now, I was really looking forward to shooting. But for some reason, I pick up the manual for the camera to read it..more like torture myself. Anyway, I get to page 4 and see the section about checking the battery! I feel like such an idiot right now. So I pop open the battery compartment, NO BATTERY! maybe it is not broken after all. I continue reading in the manual and it says I need a 6 volt battery for the camera to work. I pick up the camera and head to the local shop. 

Sorry, we do not sell that one

I arrive at my local shop, find the battery section and start to scan the batteries. AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt, 12 volt, 1.5 volt. But no 6v battery. This trend continues for about 7 shops, no I am not kidding, 7 SHOPS. I counted them! This was until I reached the last shop  I could think of in Leeds... Dale Photographic! I walked into the store, I explained my situation to the guy behind the counter and BOOM! he pointed to the battery I would need like a photography god! I HAD FINALLY FOUND THE BATTERY! I open up my wallet to pay...NOOO, I had left my debit card at home!!!.... I am sorry, I can not type any longer. Its just too painful. Sooo I am going to give a brief summary. I cried. I went home, got my card, went back and purchased the battery! Onto the next bit of my film journey.

I can not wait to have this developed...NOOO

Battery crysis solved, I move onto using my free film roll. So I am firing off frames like a pro, probably not, but I feel like a pro. Before I know it, I have shot all the frames on the roll, it is time to reel it in and send it away. This is where things go wrong...

I begin the process of reeling the film back into its canister, nice and steady and then I hear a click. Bingo! that must be it. I pop open the back of the camera to see the film still there! NOOOO! it had broken! and the click I thought I had heard was actually the film ripping!! I am absolutely gutted.


I am still excited about using a film camera, but as you can guess, my journey has not been a smooth one. But it will not put me off. I have put my Ilford black and white film into the camera and I am ready to do it again...just hopefully, it will not break. Wish me luck!