Brick Wall. Can't Get Past It.

If you are a creative person, I can guarantee at some point you have or will hit that creative brick wall. It is like you are on the creative motorway and then BOOM! gridlock. You just shut down. But do not be afraid I have come up with a few tips to help you out.

Take A Break

It may seem obvious, but when you have deadlines you sometimes forget about the simple stuff. Now, I am not saying take a break for a week, month or a year. I am saying it may help to stand up and change your enviroment for a bit. Go outside for a few minutes or to the water cooler. Do they still have water coolers or is it all vending machines...sorry I digress.  But take a few mintues away from your machine, paper or whatever creative thing you are going.


This is my least favourite tip, but it does work. I find a quick walk around the block helps clear the traffic jam on the creative motorway. I also found it helps alot to do the exercise in the morning before you eat breakfast. But that maybe not for everyone. 

Watch or Read

This one has a near 100% record for me. I load up Youtube and watch a Peter Mckinnon video or a Casey Neistat video. The traffic jam clears quicker than letting rip in a small room. You obviously need to find someone in your niche to watch or read. But them two youtubers work for me.

Final Thoughts(Jerry Springer Style)

These are the tips that work for me and I hope they work for you. But if they don't or maybe you have some other ways. Please share them in the comments below, it may help someone.