My Two Favourite Images Of April(so far!)

Good morning everyone, I know April has not ended yet. But I wanted to share my 3 favourite images of the month so far and give a little back story to how the photo was taken.

Maternity Photshoot at Valley Gardens, Harrogate

My first favourite image of April was a maternity photoshoot that I did with my wife. I know you maybe thinking that is a little biased. But let me explain why this is my favourite. 

My wife is at 38 weeks in this photo and I am always pestering her to let me photograph her. I think she is absolutely beautiful, but like most girls, she does not think it. So getting her to allow me to take a photo of her is very hard. But when we decided to take a trip to Harrogate, I jumped at the chance to have a quick photoshoot with her. 

We got into Valley Gardens in Harrogate and I pulled out the camera from my bag. My wife gave me the old roll her eyes face "You going to be taking photos of trees again?!". She did this because no matter where we go, I have my camera and I am forever taking photos of landscapes(check my instagram for proof @anthonyhimages). I turned to her and said "Don't worry, I only want to take a few photos... **I paused for dramatic effect** of you!". She looked at me with pure fear. I said "don't look so scared, you will be fine and I only want to take a few photos of you!". 

We then walked around Valley Gardens looking for the perfect location. We walked to the model lake, to the pavilion at the top of the park, but she didn't want any people around. After about 10-15 minutes, I said, "we can take one over there, under the blossom tree." and *click* the rest is history.

My wife in Valley Gardens at Harrogate

My Son at Roundhay Park, Leeds

My 2nd favourite image of April(SO FAR) is my son throwing a boomarang at Roundhay Park, Leeds. This is my favourite image because even though you can't see his face you know he is smiling. Plus it is great to see kids outside in the sun playing rather than inside on a tablet or Playstation. Let me explain why this is my favourite...

The below image was taken late evening just as the sun was sinking below the horizon. We had decided to go to the park with his big brother and cousin. My son's cousin decided to bring along his boomarang for them to play with. So my son get his turn and *click* the rest is history.

leeds photographer20042018 (1 of 1)-2.jpg