3 Tips for New Photographers

Congratulations on making your first camera purchase. You are on a journey to seeing the world in a completely different way. 

As a new photographer it can be daunting experience, but it really does not have to be. I have put together 10 tips, which I think will help you on your journey. Lets do this!

Don't Run Before You Can Walk

I am once again going to hold my hands up as I am guilty of doing this. When I first started out, I was looking at purchasing a professional camera with 8 lens, 6 memory cards, a flash, studio lighting and I was ready to bankrupt myself. If this is you. STOP! stop right now. It will not end well.

My recommendation is to pick up the books or jump onto Youtube. It is best to learn the basics of photography before you go crazy with the gear. 

A few things for you to sink your teeth into, the exposure triangle, ISO, aperture and shutter speed. 

Shoot in RAW not JPEG

In my opinion this is a must for me. RAW is all the information your expensive camera's sensor has recorded. This basically means you have the ulimate control on how your image will look. It allows you to adjust highlights, blacks, whites, contrast, exposure.

JPEG is like trying to bake a cake that has already been made. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but its the truth. When you shoot in JPEG, you have very little room for adjustment. This means you are not able to adjust the highlights as much or the whites, blacks.. etc. 


M, AV, TV, A - Which should you use?

M - Manual AV - Aperture Priority TV - Shutter Priority A - Auto

When you first get your camera, I would recommend turning the dial to A and going out and shooting. Once the excitement has wore off and you have done some watching or reading from tip 1. I would suggest maybe moving onto M, AV Or TV. 


The 3 tips are just my opinion and you do not have to follow them. We are all learn different and have different experiences which shape our views. 

The only thing I want you to take away from reading my blog is to GO OUT SHOOT and must of all, HAVE FUN!