Photographer's Depression

Good morning everyone, I hope you are not currently experiencing a Photographer's Depression. I know you maybe thinking "what the f*ck is a Photographers depression?". Well let me explain briefly what it is and how we can prevent it. 

"I can not be bothered!"

I think we have all been at a point in our careers where we have thought "I just can't be bothered, I am doing the same old sh*t and it is boring me!". Well maybe it is time for a career change if you are thinking that way. But it is not always that easy for us poor photographers. 

As a photographer you have spent thousands of hours perfecting your craft and about the same in monetary value on camera equipment, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. So how do you prevent Photographer's Depression taking hold?

Location, Location, Location

Yes it can be as simple as shooting in a different location. If you find yourself climbing into the car travelling to the same old city centre or the same old park then maybe it is time to change location to fight off the Photographer's Depression. 


Change that lens!

I must hold my hands up here, I am guilty of not doing this enough. I think as photographers we sometimes become lazy and rely on the same lens because we know it will get the shot. But that can sometimes be our downfall as all the images start to look or feel the same. So switch it up! I am sure you have a nifty fifty in your bag that you have not used for a while. 


I know its hard not to do this, especially, when you are new to photography. But, you must STOP COMPARING YOURSELF. Its perfectly Ok to look at another photographers work for inspiration, but that is where it should end. If you get into the game of comparing yourself, you will lose and Photographer's Depression will be your friend forever. 


It is an almost certain we will all feel the bite of Photographer's Depression. But if you use the tips above it maybe something that doesn’t effect you too much!