Photography is not a crime.

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I would like to talk to you about photography law and hopefully point out a few things you may have not known. Also maybe you will be able to correct me or enlighten me as well. 

Photography is not a crime!

I am sure you must have come across that sentence a few times before. But it is not 100% true because it can be sometimes be a crime to take photos. If for example, you decide to take a photo of a person you see in the street and then you follow the same person taking photos. That is a crime. As you could cause alarm, harassment or stress to that person. BUT i am sure you would not do something like that. Another example would be if you decided to photograph a person through their home address window. But once again, I am sure you would not do that. However, it is not a crime to photography a police officer during their normal duties...well as long as you are not obstructing them. It is also NOT a crime to take pictures of children in a public place, although, you do run the risk of having your new camera smashed or inserted where the sun does not I would not do it.

Stop! I am a security guard.

No Mr/Mrs Security guard, I will not stop taking photos in a public place. 

If you are ever asked to stop, show or delete images you have taken then you need to be polite and tell the person to "f&8k off". Actually do not do that. But do be polite and ask them to explain what powers they have to tell you do that. 100% of security guards should back down and leave you alone. This is because they have no powers at all. But just because you know this, it does not give you the right to be a d%^k. Explain to the security guard they do not have the right to ask you to do that and walk away or carry on taking photos. 

A security can only ask you to stop taking photos if you are on private property. 

Stop taking photos I am a Police Officer.

No, not going to happen unless you can explain what law I have broken. 

 West Yorkshire Police Officer on horseback in Leeds City Centre

West Yorkshire Police Officer on horseback in Leeds City Centre

I understand that uniforms have a different effects on people. But as a photographer, you do not have to stop taking photos if you are on public land. However, if you have wandered into a police changing room..then yeah you should probably stop and make a swift exit. 

A police officer can not:

1. Prevent you from taking photographs on public land.

2. Delete or ask you to delete any images

3. Arrest you for taking photos of them during normal duties.

4. Stop and search you without reasonable suspicion of a crime been or about to be committed.

5. Ask you which brand is better, Canon, Sony or Nikon(not true, but I wish they wouldn't)

A police officer can

1. seize your camera gear if they have reasonable grounds to suspect you are a terrorist

2. stop and search you if they have reasonable grounds to suspect you have or are about to commit a crime. 

3. I can not remember anymore.


Photography is sometimes a crime, but as long as you use your brain, you will be fine.

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